I have written two published books:

Howard Hughes: Power, Paranoia & Palace Intrigue, 2020, University of Nevada Press. Order it from Amazon by clicking here.

Reviewing the book for the Elko Daily Free Press, Doug McMurdo wrote: “Do we really need another biography of the reclusive and mysterious billionaire Howard Hughes? If the writer is Geoff Schumacher, the answer is a definite yes. . . . Schumacher neither demonizes nor defers to Hughes. You get the entire man, warts and all, from his bizarre phobias, to his drug abuse, to his battle to stop above-ground nuclear explosions at the relatively nearby Nevada Test Site. What makes ‘Howard Hughes: Power, Paranoia & Palace Intrigue’ such a good book is not the built-in brilliance of Schumacher’s subject — it is the author’s truly uncommon ability to write about a complex man in clear and concise terms.”

Sun, Sin & Suburbia: The History of Modern Las Vegas, 2015, University of Nevada Press. Order it from Amazon by clicking here.

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Editing projects

– Editor of “Nevada: 150 Years in the Silver State,” the official book celebrating the state sesquicentennial. Conceived the book’s structure, determined the subject matter and edited the words of 75 different contributors, as well as writing the introduction and two other historical pieces in the book.

– Project coordinator and editor of a collection of short stories called “The Perpetual Engine of Hope,” 2010. Seven authors wrote short stories inspired by iconic Las Vegas photographs. Published by CityLife Books, an imprint of Stephens Press. Project sponsored by Vegas Valley Book Festival. In 2012, the Nevada Review praised “Perpetual Engine” as “a readable and enjoyable book . . . a significant contribution to the literature of our state.” Order it from Amazon by clicking here.

– Project coordinator and editor of a serial novel called “Restless City,” 2009. Seven Las Vegas authors each wrote a chapter of the story. This was the first title published by CityLife Books, an imprint of Stephens Press. Order it from Amazon by clicking here. Project sponsored by Vegas Valley Book Festival.

– Primary editor and writer for “50 Years of Nevada Spirit,” a 50th anniversary history book published by Nevada State Bank, 2009.

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Also editor of these Stephens Press titles:

– “Fareway Stores: The First Seventy-Five Years” by Joanne Boeckman, 2013.

– “The Smith Center for the Performing Arts: A Dream in the Desert” by Kurt Divich, 2012.

– “Lords of Las Vegas” by Kurt Divich, 2012.

– “Crit” by Andrew Kiraly, 2011.

– The Las Vegas Country Club: Chronicle of an Icon” by Brian Hurlburt, 2011.

– “You Can’t Make This Up!: Cops, Crooks, and Celebrities from Brooklyn to Las Vegas” by Stu Michaels, 2011.

– “Lies Within Lies: The Betrayal of Judge Harry Claiborne” by Michael Vernetti, 2010.

– “Forgotten Man: How Circus Circus’s Bill Bennett Brought Middle America to Las Vegas” by Jack Sheehan, 2010.

– “Vanishing Village: The Struggle for Community in the New West” by Evan Blythin, 2010.

– “Blue Vegas: Stories” by P. Moss. 2010.

– “The Voices in My Head” by Danny Gans and R.G. Ryan, 2009.

– “Quiet Kingmaker of Las Vegas: E. Parry Thomas” by Jack Sheehan, 2009.

– “Legal Tender: True Tales of a Brothel Madam” by Laraine Russo Harper, 2008.

– “Human Matters: Wise and Witty Counsel on Relationships, Parenting, Grief and Doing the Right Thing” by Steven Kalas, 2008.

– “Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus-Kelly Ryan Murder Mystery” by Glenn Puit, 2006

– “Bluegrass Days, Neon Nights: High Rolling with Happy Chandler’s Wayward Son, Dan Chandler” by John L. Smith, 2006.

– “Beyond the Glimmering Lights: The Pride and Perseverance of African Americans in Las Vegas” by Trish Geran, 2006.

– “Sinning in the City Guides” by Ginger Meurer, Tiffannie Bond, etc.

– “We All Live in Vegas” by Francois Paolini

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